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The Future of DLMS Over LoRaWAN and Its Potential to Revolutionize the Energy Industry

Posted by Martyn Stroeve on Jul 24, 2023 7:00:00 AM

Pioneering the Future of Energy with DLMS and LoRaWAN

During a panel session at a recent LoRaWAN Live! event in Orlando, moderated by Semtech, four prominent companies shed light on the application of Device Language Message Specification for smart electric metering in Brazil. 

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Interoperability of Smart Metering Data With Use of Standards is the New Rule in European Union

Posted by Rémi Demerlé on Jul 18, 2023 11:10:04 AM

Understanding Smart Metering and LoRaWAN® Interoperability Standards in the EU

LoRaWAN, with the support of key metering standards DLMS and M-bus, is now a key component to compliance and interoperability among smart metering vendors for European utilities.

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The LoRaWAN 1.0.4 Specification in Depth For End Device Developers

Posted by Steven Hegenderfer on Jul 11, 2023 6:00:00 AM

The LoRaWAN 1.0.4 Specification in Depth For End Device Developers course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the LoRaWAN 1.0.4 specification, crucial for efficient LoRaWAN implementation and end device development. The course is divided into six chapters, or books, each focusing on a specific aspect of LoRaWAN implementation.

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How to Quickly Deploy Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions on the Helium LoRaWAN® Network

Posted by Steven Hegenderfer on Jun 14, 2023 8:06:00 AM

Why Choose the Helium Network for IoT Solutions

The Helium Network is a platform for systems integrators and other who want to get LoRaWAN® -based IoT solutions to market quickly without investing in a lot of infrastructure.

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UPDATED: Recent Developments in Long Range IoT

Posted by Roelof Koopmans on Sep 1, 2021 12:08:37 PM

LoRaWAN® has become a leading wireless protocol for many Internet of Things (IoT) applications that require long range wireless connectivity in combination with ultra-low power consumption. Many massive IoT applications are only economically viable when the batteries in the sensors, trackers or other devices can last years , in some cases even more than 10 years.

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Build Your First Device Featuring LoRa®

Posted by Katy Koenen on Nov 30, 2020 12:00:00 AM


Just getting started developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with Semtech’s LoRa® ICs? Interested in how to build and deploy a device? We have a great technical paper that will walk you through how to build a device from scratch using off-the-shelf components.

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Protecting Smart Homes Against Hackers

Posted by Byron BeMiller on Apr 20, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Smart Homes are booming in popularity. The increasing volume of connected devices that collect data make them an attractive target for hackers. Accordingly, buyers are increasingly concerned about the privacy and security of their Smart Home data. The combination of LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol provides powerful levels of security for Smart Home system consumers.

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LoRa Edge™: A Revolution in LPWAN Technology

Posted by Pedro Herrera on Mar 23, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Looking to scale-up your business by implementing affordable asset management solutions that can last for years, without wasting time and money recharging or replacing batteries?

Looking for asset tracking solutions that can provide robust end-to-end security without compromising system integrity, all in a single design that can support both indoor and outdoor applications?

Wait no longer.

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The Key Advantage of LoRaWAN®

Posted by Hardy Schmidbauer on Jan 6, 2020 12:00:00 AM

There are a number of differentiators for LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® protocol that have helped in its widespread adoption, including long range connectivity, battery lifetime, security, network architecture, and network capacity. However, there is one particular feature that will drive LoRaWAN adoption for years to come. Technical challenges or limitations (range, capacity, battery lifetime, etc.) are no longer a barrier to Internet of Things (IoT) adoption. The remaining challenges of the IoT are system integration, digital transformation, return-on-investment (ROI), service level agreements (SLA), and ensuring interoperability across an ecosystem.

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