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Welcome to the Semtech LoRa® Developer Portal!

Posted by Steven Hegenderfer on Mar 28, 2019 10:15:15 AM
Steven Hegenderfer


In today’s electronic economy, developers are seen as the grease which allows the wheel of innovation to keep turning. Because of this, any platform that is based on technology adoption requires a strong developer community to support it. I’m happy to announce that Semtech is doing our part to help foster the LPWAN and IoT developer communities…welcome to Semtech’s LoRa Developer Portal!

One of my favorite quotes is from Ethan Kurzweil, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. He wrote, “It’s no longer controversial: The tech universe rotates around developers. Over the last decade, they have ascended to become the most important force and decision-maker in stewarding technology adoption and, increasingly, business innovation.”

At Semtech, we have taken this to heart. We want to enable developers in the IoT space to do wonderful things with Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology). As with any new technology reliant on developers, you all need a reason to believe in the technology that we will be evangelizing. So, I’d like to help you understand the guiding principles for the Developer Ecosystem Team (my team) here at Semtech.

Our developer ecosystem, and all of the collateral that we create and/or expose on the portal, will be built on three propositions, or reasons to believe, for developers:

  • Easy to use
  • A flexible, proven technology
  • A trusted and exciting offering in the market

Let me talk very briefly about each of these areas as it relates to enabling developers.

Easy to use

  • offering tools and training for developers, making LoRa Technology and LoRaWAN™ one of the easiest to use IoT connection solutions on the market for developers.

A flexible, proven technology

  • the flexibility and scalability of LoRa-based devices and the open LoRaWAN protocol allow developers to collect a range of data from sensors to develop intelligent IoT solutions with and LoRa Technology at its communications core. This allows developers the freedom to create a multitude of solutions with the technology while also giving them mechanisms to manage these solutions.

A trusted and exciting offering in the market

  • keeping the promise of a long-term roadmap for LoRa Technology and that developers can be involved in the innovation happening in the IoT via the innovative tools that Semtech creates for developers, the LoRa Alliance™, activities in the industry, and through traction with customer solutions.

There are multiple levers that my team (and Semtech at large) will push and pull to foster a community for you that will move the gears to accomplish the above. Things like the right tools, training, support, and best practices will be key.

Content is also key, and creating a “destination” for developers with useful and relevant content to help you solve your problems while enabling you to create your visions is also needed.

This is the exact reason why we are launching the developer portal.

This portal is not exhaustive (as developer communities tend to be dynamic, so must the plans that encompass them), but I hope that it gives us all a point to really kick-start the LoRa-based community and provide you with exciting new tools and best practices to get your dreams off of the ground.

Now, I don’t profess to have all of the answers to help you create every solution that you envision, nor do I have all of the answers to every LoRa Technology-related question that you may have, but over time, I hope that you will join us in creating a vibrant community of developers, for developers, that will get us all closer to actualizing our visions and amazing solutions. My team wants to help you. I want to help you.

If we do this right and put in the right due diligence, hard work, content and tool creation, and passion, together we will create an ecosystem of developers who are empowered to face the challenges of the Internet of Things with toolsets that delight, are easy to use, and are built for the future.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this train goes…hop on board, there’s plenty of room!

Steve Hegenderfer

Senior Director, Developer Ecosystems

PS: Let us know what you think! Drop us a line at, we’d love to hear from you!

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