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Semtech Demo at the LoRa Alliance® Annual Members Meeting

Posted by Katy Koenen on Jul 18, 2019 1:31:05 AM

At the Annual Members Meeting of the LoRa Alliance® in Berlin, Germany, Semtech’s David Hoover demonstrated a closed-loop control system, showing just one of the possibilities of how it can be used, in this case, for the water utility sector.

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LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT Working to Connect the IoT

Posted by Steven Hegenderfer on Jul 18, 2019 1:28:46 AM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting devices together to let users, and each other, know what’s going on.

What is my temperature? Where am I? What is the gas level? How are the acoustics near me? What level of vibration am I experiencing? And on and on and on.

While the range of devices that need to communicate their status varies greatly, there can be some commonalities. These devices are often in an area where connecting to mains-supplied power is not an option, so they will probably be either battery-powered or use scavenged energy to power themselves.

Don’t misunderstand me, there are use cases for things like self-driving cars and telemedicine that require much more detailed conversations between devices and exchange much more data, but for the majority of IoT devices, they really don’t send a lot of data at any one time. They just need to ‘phone home’ occasionally to report their status or an event.

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LoRa Alliance® Device Certification

Posted by Malcolm Green on Jul 12, 2019 1:51:36 AM

The LoRa Alliance® has a certification program to test whether or not an end-device meets the functional requirements of the LoRaWAN® specification. LoRaWAN CertifiedCM end devices ensure interoperability and compliance with any LoRaWAN-based network, and device manufacturers may carry the LoRaWAN Certified mark. The certification mark provides end users with the confidence of using devices that are reliable and that behave according to LoRa Alliance specifications.

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Selecting a LoRaWAN® Specification

Posted by Derek Hunt on Jun 20, 2019 8:35:37 AM

28 May 2019

By Derek Hunt,
Director of Certification for LoRa Alliance® and Certification Committee Chair

At the moment, there are a few different versions of the LoRaWAN® specification that are available to developers. Each supports slightly different functionality. So, which version should you use when developing LoRaWAN-based solutions?

The short answer is that the most current version of the specification for which there is a Certification program is LW 1.0.2. The Certification program for LW1.0 has been withdrawn and the Certification Program from LW1.0.1 will be withdrawn at the end of 2019.

While LW 1.0.2 is the most stable, you may want to consider using LW 1.0.3. This version of the specification adds support for Class B functionality; however, in the United States, there is a minor change that has delayed creation of a Certification test. For more information about certification, take a look at the Certification page on the LoRa Alliance website.

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The LoRaWAN® Startup Challenge…Sign Up Today!

Posted by Steven Hegenderfer on Apr 8, 2019 1:45:34 AM
As a former startup founder myself, I realize how hard it can be to get your product/solution/service/whatever recognized. Any press or customer goodwill goes a LONG way when you are just trying to get your dreams off of the ground.

So, you take advantage of every opportunity you can find…and this one is a pretty nice one.

Momenta Ventures has created the The LoRaWAN Startup Challenge to recognize the most-innovative early-stage startups leveraging low power, wide area networks (LPWAN), specifically LoRaWAN-based technologies.

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