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LoRa® On-Premise - at Home and in the Office

Posted by Steven Hegenderfer on May 26, 2023 8:06:35 AM
Steven Hegenderfer

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Understanding On-Premise LoRaWAN® Deployments

Many LoRaWAN deployments are private or on-premise. These deployments rely on the ability to deploy sensors, gateways and a network server within a company’s own infrastructure, and might require that the entire infrastructure remain sealed off from the internet.

The Transition from Prototype to On-Premise

When you are prototyping your solutions, many times you just want to have access to an infrastructure to build on. You can work in a hosted sandbox, such as the Semtech Network Server, for free until you get to a point where you might want to move your solution on-premise or you get funding for your prototype.  

But what if you want to start building on-premise from the beginning? Or what if you are simply trying to create a DIY smart/connected spaces solution using off-the-shelf LoRaWAN-connected sensors to monitor your home or small office? Is there an easy way to start doing this without investing a lot in start-up infrastructure and investment?  

Introducing the Hands-on Lab: LoRa On-Premise - at Home and in the Office

It’s with this very question in mind that we created a new Hands-on Lab, LoRa on-premise - at Home and in the Office. This is a hands-on guide for anyone interested in creating a LoRaWAN solution at home or in a commercial building, using affordable and readily-available components. By the end of the lab, you will be able to use LoRaWAN to effectively set up and monitor your targeted environment with a set of off-the-shelf IoT components. And while you will focus on an on-premise deployment for this lab, the technologies and paradigms you will use can also be deployed in the Cloud. 

What You'll Learn in the Hands-On Lab

This lab will touch on concepts of the LoRaWAN specification, but the main goal is to get you to a real working system in a practical way without too many deep dives.

Steps to Building Your On-Premise LoRaWAN Solution

By following the steps in the Hands-on Lab, you will learn how to:

  • Create and configure a complete, simple and self-contained LoRaWAN ‘edge’ server on-premise, consisting of a gateway, network server and light-weight application server.
    • Install a free network server onto a Raspberry Pi with a shield for LoRaWAN
    • Create and configure a gateway with an application and device profiles
  • Add at least one LoRaWAN-based end device to your gateway
  • Join the device(s) to the server, set up their measurements and dashboards
  • And, optionally, hook up your solution to the free IFTTT service so you can get email updates when devices send up data

All of this will be built on top of the Semtech LoRa Core™ SX1302 evaluation kit. And when you are done, you will have a fully-functional LoRaWAN-based solution running in your own home or office on a single device.

Easy setup and installation, off-the-shelf sensors and hooks to external services if you want to use them.  

So, go to the Semtech Learning Center today and get started building your LoRaWAN-based solutions!


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