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Introducing the LoRa® Developers’ Crossword Corner

Posted by Katy Koenen on Sep 5, 2019 7:21:44 AM

Need a quick break from delving deep into building your LoRa®-based IoT solutions? We have just the thing for you. This month we are introducing the LoRa Developers’ Crossword Corner. Each month we will offer a diversion in the form of a quick crossword puzzle. The solutions will be published with the following month’s puzzle.

As you may know, Semtech offers different tools on the LoRa Developer Portal to help you create your LoRa-based solutions. This month we are highlighting the LoRa Basics™ toolset, which is designed for developers creating LoRaWAN® solutions. For this month’s puzzle we focus on LoRa Basics MAC, a portable implementation of the LoRa Alliance® LoRaWAN specification in the C programming language. Next month, we’ll focus on LoRa Basics Station.

Want a head-start on finding the answers? Read about this tool before trying your hand at our puzzle. We even have a series of short hands-on walk-through videos. Want to know more? Watch the videos.

Complete the puzzle: LoRa Basics™ MAC

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